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Advanced Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Course Description

This is the second 50-hour compontent of 100-hour postgraduate natal teacher training program, together with the Foundational Natal Course. The course offers advanced techniques of Remedial Yoga Therapy, including adjustment and movements for induction, baby positioning, and structural alignment. You will learn to develop condition based programs for special needs such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, oedema, insomnia and structural issues.

This course outline focuses on the following:

  • Individualised yoga therapy for all trimesters and postnatal care
  • Yoga for natural conception
  • Stages of pregnancy with the qi meridians and the theory of energy
  • Baby positioning
  • Muscle relaxation techniques
  • Active birthing techniques

The course also places strong emphasis on helping women deal with the fear of birth with a clear thought and understanding.

Entry Requirements

This course has been designed for graduates of the 50-hour Foundational Natal Yoga Teaching Training course. Eligible students will also have completed our Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching (10137NAT) or the equivalent in Japanese/meridian-style yoga training, as well as a minimum of 2 years’ teaching experience.

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Duration: 50 hours

Delivery: The course includes face-to-face learning hours with experienced remedial yoga therapy teachers (as a 2-day series), a pre-course online component, self-paced home study and practical teaching components.

Dates: TBD 2019

Price: $399, booked through invitation and application acceptance only

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