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Diploma of Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (HLT52215)

Course Code HLT52215
RTO Number 45020

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Course Code HLT52215
RTO Number 45020

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Shiatsu is the bodywork partner of Remedial Yoga Therapy, two unique modalities that combine many aspects of Traditional Oriental Medicine theory and practice.

Shiatsu is a dynamic body therapy in which the therapist interacts with the receiver to restore balance in the energy system. It is founded on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that energy moves through channels within the body, known as meridians. Shiatsu practitioners aim to restore the balance through the meridians in order to promote health and strengthen the body’s healing abilities. Imbalance, that is, too little or too much qi, can manifest in various ailments, depending on which meridians are affected.

The role of the practitioner is to aid and support this naturally occurring process, helping clients discover what makes them healthy through self-development.

Shiatsu practitioners help balance and alleviate the underlying causes of physical and psychological conditions, promoting health and strengthening the body’s own healing abilities.

Shiatsu massage is incredibly effective because it incorporates physical diagnosis, pathophysiology (how the body becomes unwell), as well as the full range of flowing stretches, gentle rotations of joints and limbs, simple structural alignments and muscles release techniques.While stagnant energy in the body begins to clear, the body also receives stimulation in circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid. This allows the release of toxins and tension in the muscular system and brings balance to the hormonal and nervous systems.

Course Description

This 18-month diploma course offers professional training in all areas of Shiatsu practice.The course includes study in Oriental Medicine Theories with a Western medical understanding, in combination with practical bodywork skills through traditional shiatsu techniques.
Graduates of this comprehensive study programs will have experience and applicable knowledge to diagnose, treat and advise their future clients in a clinical environment.

The focus of your training will be centred around clinical application of the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge gained over the duration of the course. You will study traditional and modern shiatsu and zen shiatsu massage routines, the meridians and point therapy as well as safe and effective lifting, stretching and adjustment techniques to compliment each therapeutic session.

You will study an holistic approach to health that will include the effect that diet has on the human body and can make or break their health goals. The unit Wholefood Medicines and Nutrition includes ways to eat-to-health with cooking sessions.

Students will gain hands-on experience at the COTY Natural Therapies Clinic under the guidance of experienced practitioners in a clinical setting treating public patients.

Real Skills for Real Careers

As a Vocational Education Training (VET) course, the Department of Education and Training certifies that the COTY nationally recognised Diploma Qualification delivers outstanding employment outcomes for its graduates. Hear about the VET experience firsthand from graduates who have leveraged these programs to advance their careers and become a globally-skilled professionals.

Study Options

Delivered in 55 sessions over a minimum 12-month period with holiday breaks with mandatory clinic attendance. During the term students are required to attend learning sessions with a choice of daytime, evening, or weekends study plans.

Bundle Option: This course is also offered as a bundle with the Advanced Diploma of Remedial Yoga Therapy as our Remedial Yoga Teacher to Therapist Program.

Course Delivery

We deliver this course using a combination of one-to-one and group-based theory, practical clinic study and (simulated) workplace practice. Your workload is spread across four main activities: face-to-face training, online and self-paced study, home practice and student clinic hours in the COTY Natural Therapies Clinic.


Assessments for this course are conducted using a combination of realistic simulated workplace tasks, supervised demonstrations, class teaching, knowledge quizzes, professional discussions, case studies and practical application.

Entry Requirements

Bring your love of health and desire to share with others together with good language literacy and numeracy skills and become not just a massage provider but a Shiatsu Therapist!


On successfully completing this course, you will be awarded the national qualification of HLT52215 Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies.

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Duration: 18 months

Start Date: February & September

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