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Teacher’s Remedial Yoga Toolkit:
Lower Back Issues

About the Workshop

On average, your clients will be moving as often as they should and sitting long periods of time. As you know, this is not what humans were designed to do. This non-activity means that the muscles in the back and hamstrings are in a constant state of stretch and our hip flexors are always switched on.

In the long term, this will also result in the misalignment of our hips and incorrect tilt to the hips. With this misalignment comes the reduction of the amount of space that the spinal nerves have to function. Result? Unhappy client in pain and often fatigued.

This Remedial Yoga Therapy workshop will focus on teaching your clients how to safely stretch and the healing powers of traction. Get the remedial yoga moves you need to incorporate strong stretches into your class that don’t cause over-straining and do build the strength in areas that will aid your clients spinal stability.

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Date: Saturday, 7 September 2019

Time: 3-5pm

Price: $60

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